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Movin' Out

March 1999

Earl Peterson named feature trucker of the month in Road KindEarl was chosen as the "Shining Times- Featured Trucker of the Month" in the March 1999 edition of Movin' Out. In the article, writer Karen Zander writes a near complete biography on Earl and how driving/showing a truck became such a big part of his life. Earl explains how his first driving experience was hauling grain for his grandfather, Earl Sullivan. "The best thing my grandpa ever taught me was to use your common sense and pay attention to the things going on around you." Earl explains. The article includes such topics as, "Worst load ever hauled", "Funniest trucking moment", "Tips for show truck newcomers", "Pet peeves on the road", and many more. Earl tells Movin' Out, "The best trophies you get are the friends you make."


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