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Truck Shows

Earl signs his autograph on a fan's t-shirt!


The Peterson's started showing their truck in March 1997, and haven't looked back since.  Below is a comprehensive list of the awards they have received.  

March 2000

Overdrive Pride & Polish Show, Louisville, KY



September 1999

Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show, St. Ignace,  (NAST)
Earl Takes a break!

"Legend Award"

2nd-Conventional Bobtail '93 or newer

2nd-Engine Class

3rd-Lights Bobtail

Overdrive Pride & Polish Show, Dallas, TX

2nd-Conventional Bobtail "1997"

3rd-Interior (excluding sleeper)

August 1999

National Association of Show Trucks (NAST), Topeka, KS

1st- OEM Sleeper

1st-Paint & Graphics Bobtail

2nd-Bobtail '93 or newer

2nd-Lights Bobtail

3rd-Engine Class

Earl & Debbie stand proudly with their 5 trophies!
Earl & Debbie pose with their 5 trophies!

July 1999

Walcott Jamboree, Walcott, IA

1st-OEM Conventional Sleeper

3rd-Custom Paint & Graphics

June 1999

Shell Super Rigs Show, Walcott, IA

1st-Tractor Division
Overdrive Pride & Polish Show, Las Vegas, NV

1st-Conventional Bobtail "1997"

May 1999

Make-a-Wish Foundation Show, Amarillo, TX

"Best of Show"

July 1998

Walcott Jamboree, Walcott, IA

2nd-Working Truck Class

June 1998

Shell Super Rigs Show, Kenley, NC

5th-Tractor Division

May 1998

Overdrive Pride & Polish Show, LasVegas, NV

2nd-Custom Paint non-mural

2nd-Interior (excluding sleeper)

March 1998

Overdrive Pride & Polish Show, Louisville, KY

1st-Paint & Graphics

December 1997

Buck Creek Invitational Truck Show, Lafayette, NC


November 1997

Eagle Interior Accents Show, Oklahoma City, OK

1st-People's Choice

1st-Sponsored Trucks Choice

October 1997

Overdrive Pride & Polish Show, Atlanta, GA

2nd-Interior (excluding sleeper)

3rd-Conventional Bobtail '93 or newer

July 1997

Walcott Jamboree, Walcott, IA

Participation Trophy

March 1997

DuPont "Top Gun" Contest
Top 24 Finalist
Overdrive Pride & Polish Show, Louisville, KY

3rd-Conventional Bobtail '93 or newer



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