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These are just a few pictures of the Earl Peterson family, including the truck, Kersplat.  Please excuse the download time, as we tried to make the pictures as clear as we could.  The pictures with blue borders have larger images available by clicking on the image.


The Peterson Family

Earl and Debbie Peterson stand proudly near their Peterbilt 379 showtruck, Kersplat    

Earl & Debbie Peterson



The Peterson's girls, Nicole, Michelle and Kirsten stand near Kersplat

"The Girls"

Nicole, Michelle & Kirsten



1999 Shell SuperRigs Calendar shot

This picture of "Kersplat" was featured in the 1999 Shell SUPERRIGS calendar. Some of the extras Earl has added to his 1997 Peterbilt 379 include oak floors and dash, Stewart Warner guages, chromed engine plus 576 louvers in the hood, LED Spectralights on top of the cab, vintage head lights, and lots, LOTS more!!!


The Peterson's were honored when Kersplat was chosen to appear on a Super Trucks Limited Edition Series Three trading card.

With a modest grin, Earl tells stories of how people are always coming up to him to have him autograph their trading card.

supertruck.jpg (64649 bytes)

Kersplat engine

Here the Peterson's show off their Caterpillar 550 hp engine at a truck show!

To date, Kersplat has received 2 engine class trophies.


"The Price of Cool Ain't Cheap!" is painted above the back window of the truck.

This picture was taken at the Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show, St, Ignace, Michigan, where Kersplat won the Legend Award, in addition to 3 other trophies.

Back side of Kersplat

Proud owner!


Here is Earl taking one of the first pictures of Kersplat!

Earl special ordered this truck in the color of iris, in memory of his grandmother, Iva Sullivan. Later, Earl customized the paint job by adding his exclusive color, Peterson Purple. The paint isn't the only thing Earl has changed on this truck. There is no question about the limits of Earl Peterson's creativity...there aren't any!

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