Road King

July: August 1999

Getalong, Little Dogies!!

From the article, "The TV series 'Rawhide' hit the screen 40 years ago, romanticizing the tough, gritty dangerous cattle drives that moved beef on the hoof from Old West ranges to American's supper tables. Today, when it's time to head 'em up and move 'em out, those dogies travel in style--and so do concrete cowboys like Earl Peterson. "

The article goes on to tells how Earl got started trucking, to all of the details of his truck "Kersplat". "The paint scheme looks like somebody blew up a big paint balloon in the air while the truck drove through it, so the paint ran down the truck," explains Earl. He goes on to explain, "The colors are iris and 'Peterson' purple, which is a color we mixed up for this."

Earl Peterson and his Peterbilt 379, Kersplat

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